About Blackrose Cartel
Ithisskk'uth-Sanssl'an (Jel for 'Touch of Shadows'), or nowadays more commonly known as 'Blackrose Cartel', is an old organization rooted deep in Argonian culture and history. It originates from Si'thlikass'uth-Kis'sqon (Jel for 'Echo of Silence'), a secretive priesthood brotherhood that reveres Sithis and whose priority is the defense of Argonia by protecting a powerfull ancient artifact called Black Rose. However as the years passed, the Cartel grew in ideology and numbers. From an enforcement branch of EoS to a full-fledged unlawful network, it now welcomes any who can align themselves with their code, given by the the "Rule of Six". As of now, members of the Cartel engage in profitable activites that obey its precepts, though it is not affraid of getting its hands dirty, to the shared benefit of its members and Black Marsh.

"Rule of Six:

Never hurt innocents or children. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.

Never provoke, threaten, or disrespect another member. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.

Never dishonor The Cartel's history and teachings. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.

Never betray The Cartel and its secrets. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.

Never betray your brethren. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.

Never disobey orders of Echo of Silence. To do so is to provoke Echo of Silence.

To provoke Echo of Silence is to demand death from the Dread Father."

Enforcers are lowest ranking members of The Cartel and they do most of the Cartel's "dirty work" across its area of influence and operate at certain cities or parts of the region in small crews led by the Brothers. Enforcers recognized by Echo of Silence and high-ranked members of Cartel because of their contribution are promoted to Rogues.
Above them in the hierarchy, Brothers are highest ranked members of Blackrose Cartel and they usually lead a cell of Cartel's members in order to organize them to earn gold for The Cartel. At initiation to this rank, initiate is asked to choose a path. They are offered Path of Sword and Path of Enlightement. If they choose first choice, they choose to stay soldiers of EoS by being officers of Blackrose Cartel, and if they choose the latter, they choose to become Acolytes, which means that they aspire to join EoS and dedicate their lives to Lord Sithis. By becoming Acolytes they get in contact with higher ranking members of Echo of Silence, who teach them in their ideology and Sithis religion, and if the candidate thinks that he ready to become a priest of Sithis, he/she needs to get vouch from every member of EoS and after that he/she needs to pass a test in order to join The Echo. If passed, a ceremony is organized and the newcomer is welcomed by his new family.
Highest ranked member of Touch of Shadows is known as 'Overseer', a person chosen by EoS to lead and organize The Cartel in their name, and he/she answers directly to the Nameless Council.

Lower ranking members of Echo of Silence are known as EoS Acolytes, Disciples of Sithis. They are taught by EoS Nameless in deeper understandings of Sithis religion and Echo of Silence ideology. Acolytes are representatives of EoS to outsiders and Cartel, with higher ranked EoS members being rarely seen by members of Cartel.
Higher ranking members of Echo of Silence are known as EoS Nameless and they serve as Priests of Sithis. EoS Nameless, together with Master of Scion, form Nameless Council, ruling body of EoS, who protect Secret of Scion and location of The Rose. Each member of Nameless Council has his/her own Emissary, who is their representative to outsiders and they are sent by their masters in order to keep them directly informed and involved in various matters.
Master of Scion is leader of Echo of Silence and High Priest of Sithis, with members of Nameless Council being his advisors. Echo of Silence used to be lead by eight Masters of Scion, but after a war there is only one Master of Scion alive today.



- IC messages can be written only in "Say", "Emote" and, if needed, "Yell" chats. All other chats are for OOC messages.
- It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a positive atmosphere in guild chat and to maintain and organize casual RP,while leadership is dedicated to bringing high-quality events and event series.
- Respect guildmates. Any conflict shall be reported to the guild leader and not be carried out in guild chat. This is to prevent unnecessary drama.
- Being offline for 30days without leaving a note or informing an officer in any way about your inactivity in advance will result in being kicked from the guild.
- For IC interactions, Rule of Six needs to be followed, and in case of breaking it, punishment will be either Trial of Brotherhood or execution of that character IC by Echo of Silence, depending on weight of the violation and if it was your first violation of the RoS.

To join, contact @Xeirseus, @ArgonianLover77 or @Duinhagedis ingame

Please read our lore here

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